Moving is a stressful process. Moving antiques is not only stressful but is a job of responsibility. Leaving them behind is difficult, whether it’s an antique piece of furniture or jewellery. Generally, antique furniture pieces are highly valued and have emotions attached to them. Hence, if you’re moving your house, you must be alert in keeping track of the antique pieces. 

It would help if you never entrusted the antiques with inexperienced movers. They are fragile and expensive. Hence, every aspect of the process must be handled carefully, from initial packing to loading and transporting. Look for companies for removals in Manchester who are proficient enough to handle antique pieces.

What do you need to pack antiques?

When hiring experts for antique removals, make sure they use fibre cloth, packing papers, boxes, air-filled plastic wraps, packing tapes, soft blankets and furniture pads. Professionals generally use these things while packing the antiques for the removal process. These things help to keep the antiques safe. Since most antiques are brittle and worn out with time, you must handle them carefully. 

How to pack your antiques for removal?

Make a list of the antiques 

If there’s more than one inventory in your collection, then it’s important to make a list of the same. Take photos and list down the conditions of the antiques. Check if there’s damage in the same. Make a note of the same so that you can proceed accordingly with the proper packaging process during removals. 

Ensure the antiques 

Since antiques are priceless, hence it is essential to get them insured. The homeowner’s insurance might not cover the antiques. Get separate insurance for the antiques. For instance, if you have an antique furniture piece like a piano or an armchair, you can get separate insurance. This will help you be assured that you’ll get your money back from the insurance company in case of any damage. 

Clean the antiques 

Ensure you clean the antiques before you pack them and prepare them for removal. The professionals generally use microfiber cloths to remove the dust and clean the same. Avoid using any chemical solutions. Ensure you keep the antiques dry so they do not get damaged due to moisture after packaging. 

Pack them safely

Ask the professionals to use buffers, air-filled plastics, soft cloths and other protective equipment for packaging. You can also use moving blankets to secure the corners of the antique furniture pieces. These protect the furniture pieces from scratches during the removal process. 

Dissemble the furniture pieces 

Moving antiques are easier when they are disassembled. However, if the age of the furniture is very high, then it is advisable to refrain from dissembling it because it might cause damage beyond repair. For small items like antique jewellery, mirrors and other art pieces, utmost care should be taken to fix and pack them conveniently. 

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