When you plan to move to a new location, you have to prepare a proper moving-out plan. This consists of packing the essential belongings. Moving the belongings can be an extremely hectic task, for which you need to get help from an expert removal company.

Get Informed About the Prohibitions:

While selecting a professional in removals in Manchester, you need to understand their rules and regulations clearly. Few companies do not allow transporting some items or belongings from one place to another. These are generally prohibited or dangerous items that may pose a threat for moving to the removal professionals.

Which Items Are Avoided by the Removal Companies?


In the following section, you will find a proper list of items that removal specialists do not move. It will help you stay informed and arrange for alternative measures for moving these things.


  • Items of Sentimental Value: The movers generally do not take responsibility for moving things that are close to the heart of the owner. They do not wish to be blamed in case of loss or damage during the moving process. In case of loss or damage, the owner would only get a little amount of money. It is generally evaluated with the item’s value in the current market. Some of the items in this section include personal computers, photo frames, keys and personal collections.


  • Registered Firearms and Ammunition: If you have a licensed gun or other kind of firearms, you may have to personally arrange for its transportation. Arms like pistols and rifles are strictly prohibited until you produce the proper documentation against them. For the same reason, the movers generally abstain from transporting ammunition as well.


  • Grilling Tools and Accessories: If grilling is one of your favourite pastimes during summer, this point is for you. You may be able to move your charcoal grill and smoker through the movers. However, they have provisions for moving the fuel and other grilling accessories to your new home. The reason for this prevention is the combustible nature of charcoal and other lighter fluid.

Now that you know the things that movers generally avoid transporting, it will be easier to plan for your move. To get proper help from the experts, you can get help from Stockport Removals & Storage Ltd. Being a 50-year-old company, we are known for offering customers a smooth house removal experience. For more information, you can visit our website today.