Home removals are a hectic affair. However, the most challenging part of the process is to move the piano pieces effectively and safely. Like other pieces of furniture, pianos are heavy and oddly shaped. They are undoubtedly very valuable and have a special place in the owner’s heart. Hence, hiring the best professional piano removal services for the job is essential.

You might be an excellent piano player, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to move the piano effectively without any hindrances. Rather than trying DIY techniques, give the responsibility to the professional, this way it can be moved correctly without any sort of hazards and injuries It takes more than strength and logistics to move the piano efficiently. You’ll get plenty of options in Bredbury for removals. Hire a professional removal service and let them handle the job efficiently.

Three Reasons to Hire Professional Piano Movers for Home Removals

1. Heavyweight of Pianos
Pianos are generally very heavy in terms of weight. On average, a piano weighs around 400 lbs to 1300 lbs. In most cases, the internal parts of a piano are made of cast iron. Again if you’ve antique piano in your home, moving the same within the house can be a daunting task. Hence, only the professional movers know the correct way to lift the same. Moreover, the piano’s weight is evenly distributed within the three legs of the piano. If you are untrained, you might end up damaging either the legs of the piano or any other parts.

2. Prevent Damage to Pianos
Pianos are highly delicate. There are parts within the piano where a slight movement can cause the same to go out of tune. They are complex instruments. Moreover, they are highly valuable, which makes the homeowners highly concerned about the welfare of the piano. Hiring professionals will give you peace of mind. They know how to handle the delicate piece of piano effectively.

3. Prevent Physical Damages
While lifting and moving a piano, you might end up causing damage to your own body. If you try to lift the piano without knowing the proper technique, there’s a high chance that your legs, hands or muscles might get hurt. The sudden lifting of heavy items might also cause irrecoverable damage to the heart of the body’s nerves. Hence, it is better to entrust the professionals with the job.

At Stockport Removals & Storage Ltd, our professional piano movers will safely remove your piano during the home removal process. We understand the value of an antique piano, and every member of our team is trained to take care of the piano in the best possible manner. We use a specialist set of equipment to lift and move the piano without causing any damage safely. Call us for your next home removal process.