Keeping your valuable belongings safe during transit is vital, whether moving on your own or taking professional assistance. Distortion of your expensive assets and furniture would probably be the last thing you would want. Not taking necessary safety measures can result in scratches on your furniture. This can ruin your excitement about moving house. We suggest hiring professional removals in Manchester for a smooth moving experience. Here’s how to protect your furniture from damage while moving over long distances.

Proven Tips To Protect Expensive Furniture While Moving House

Packing Materials

Before doing anything else, get the right packing materials to pack your furniture. Most people believe that cardboard boxes and packing tapes are enough to protect expensive and fragile belongings. This eventually damages their belongings. The right packing materials are important for furniture removals. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Sofa and rug covers
  • Bubble wraps
  • Sealable plastic bags 
  • Ridged cardboard sheets

Prepping Your Furniture

Prepping your furniture before packing can help avoid scratches and damages during transit. Not removing dust, debris, and other contaminants can leave your furniture scratched. So, make sure to clean them using a dry cloth to get rid of all the dirt. 

Dismantle Your Furniture Parts 

Methodologically dismantling your furniture is essential, and pack them securely within moving boxes. Nuts, screws and bolts are small items that are often neglected and eventually lost when not kept properly. Having all the furniture parts packed and secured can make moving smoother. It also eliminates the probability of accidental damage caused due to jerks and shocks during transit.

Keeping Items Strategically

People generally stack boxes on top of one another. This eventually damages your valuable belongings. You must make sure to arrange your furniture strategically. We suggest hiring professionals to facilitate this entire task. Their expertise enables them to pack and place all the stuff in a way that they don’t damage your belongings. 

Quick tip for loading your furniture:

Ensure placing heavy boxes on the truck floor and keep lighter items on top. 

Pay special attention to upholstered furniture. You can also consider placing an additional layer of blanket for extra security.

Unload your trucks carefully and ensure to move items systematically based on their size and weight.

Hire The Experts

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